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Revolutionise Your Space: Bathroom Bins that Redefine Style

Why are there no nice bins?

Recently I was looking to buy a nice waste paper bin and a dinky bathroom bin. For the love of god, I couldn’t find a good-looking bin anywhere. Just for fun, I went to Google Shopping and set the price range to ‘above £100’ to see what’s out there aside from flimsy plastic tat. The answer is, not much!

I can see why people wouldn’t want to draw attention to them but if you’re going to create a welcoming home with thoughtful furniture, lighting and colour schemes, why not extend that to a bin? 

I asked an interior designer friend “What do you think of bins? Should I make some bins?” She agreed that the current offering of rubbish bins was frankly rubbish! I started thinking, could I design and make a stylish bin?

My personal need was for a home office bin and a bathroom bin with a lid. For the bathroom, something petite and discrete with a sprinkle of style. For the office, something more robust but quite sleek. I’m all about quality so of course they had to be made with premium materials and designed to last. How does one ‘craft’ a bin and add unique touches that elevate it beyond just a receptacle for rubbish? I had a long chat with Woodman Phil about the design and it’s fair to say we were puzzled but excited. I drew out some sketches and Phil brought them to life with a prototype. He tells me that the design is surprisingly difficult to realise, however, we’ll save that chat for the woodworking nerds! 

Ta-dah… the Bella bathroom bin (with a lid)

The Bella bathroom bins definitely add some taste to your waste.

Initially sceptical of a fabric-covered bin, I am cock-a-hoop with this luxury performance fabric that is resistant to UV radiation, stains, mould, mildew, and is bleach-cleanable. Functional and stylish, who could want more in a bathroom?

Of course, it also had to have a lid and this perfectly formed ‘jigsaw’ lid not only keeps your litter out of sight but also has a satisfying clunk like no other bin. Take a second to admire that lovely little knob and its nod to mid-century shape and form. 

We’ve made only a few of these bins, which are so far, crafted from recycled materials and salvaged wood. I challenge you to find a better-looking and better-made bin than this!

Size matters. What size is a bathroom bin?

Twisted Loom bathroom bins are 18cm in diameter by 26cm. The capacity is often measured in litres and while I haven’t filled mine up with liquid, a quick calculation tells me the volume is 3 litres which seems fairly standard. They’re made with a moisture-proof lining inside for protection. 

The Bella as an office bin

Yes, these beautiful bins are also made as office or living room bins and come in larger sizes. Shop listings to follow, or if you can’t wait, get in touch for details.

As usual, I’d love to see how you style your own spaces and hear your thoughts on all things rubbish. 

That’s it from me. I never thought I would be able to write so much about bins, so here’s to Great Bins That Don’t Look Rubbish!! 

Bye for now…