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How do I choose the right table lamp?

Firstly, consider the role of the lamp….do you want to add a little atmosphere, shed some light on your workspace or make a dazzling statement?

Cairn lamp
Cairn table lamp

Do you have to match table lamps in living room?

I like to think of my lamps as people at a party! All shapes and sizes getting along nicely and bringing their own certain magic. Have a look around at what you’ve already got and how your new ‘party guest’ might fit in. They don’t have to match but they can certainly complement each other in terms of size, colour and materials.

You’ve got a few obvious choices – table or floor lamp. Floor lamps fill a space with a touch of grandeur and often much more light. The glow is at standing height and plays equally towards the floor and ceiling depending on your shade, great for adding some light above a comfy chair and also great as a stand-alone light source giving a dark corner the chance to shine. 

Table lamps are more versatile and atmospheric and can incorporate lots of creative beauty in their bases, such as hand-blown glass, ceramics, and wonderfully natural woods (like my own)! Works of art in their own right. Such statement lamps should command a position uncluttered by everyday life and have a clear space to show off their form. A wise old man once said to me ‘if you’re designing a lamp, imagine it as a silhouette in a room of other random lamps and then see if you can spot your lamp amongst the others’. I love this idea and even the most subtle of designs will have their own shape and identity. Whether you’re designing or buying, a unique lamp will always stand out.

You might want to consider any precious ornaments or treasures that also live on your preferred surface. How about creating a little vignette where smaller objects are spotlighted under the canopy of a lamp which has a more slender base or elegant stem? 

Another aspect to bear in mind is how busy the wall is behind your lamp. A jumbled bookcase might visually swamp a slender lamp, so go for something more robust and shapely. Personally, I’m a slave to practicalities so also consider if you want your light for some added glow whilst reading or if the position will annoyingly reflect in a mirror or the television. 

Smaller lamps are great for adding atmosphere and the opportunity to consider how the light will play above and below the shade. Shades are of course an important aspect of any lamp purchase and the chance to show off your stylistic juices. 

Finally, let’s not forget the bedroom! Lighting the boudoir is a special consideration. Nothing too high – go low and glow

May your lamps party harmoniously for many years to come!  

Cairn lamp