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In the Floe with our Japandi-style stool

Side table? Small stool? Plant stand? Bedside table?

YES, all of the above! Let me tell you about my newly created Floe stool and how it came into being….

Our flawlessly crafted Floe is a stool and side table with looks and function. Handcrafted with simplicity and purpose, it suits any room and effortlessly blends in as a side table, or stool.

The Floe is designed and hand-made locally in England using sustainably sourced beech and promises durability and natural beauty for generations to come. It includes a sleek integrated storage compartment for small treasures and comes with a roll-up ‘Tatami’ wool seat pad for those gatherings when you need an extra seat. For a limited time only, the hand made Tatami seat pad is FREE!

Perfect for any space: Its versatile and multifunctional style complements hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

How the Floe was created

The Floe draws inspiration from vintage Japanese street vendor stools, known for their utilitarian design and strong, trapezoid shape. These stools were often made by the vendors themselves from readily available materials such as pine, many of which are still going strong today and reflect a rich history in their well-worn patina.

From this idea, came a sketch, followed by a cardboard version that I made to establish the scale. A wooden prototype by “Woodman Phil” allowed for further refinement. I usually sit with this wooden version in my home for at least a week, where I look at it from different angles, put things on it and move it around a bit. All the while my family are asking What’s that old bit of wood doing there?

Aesthetics in furniture design

The Floe design isn’t just about function, it’s also about pleasing aesthetics. Everything from scale, colour, weight and shape was considered. By using these elements, I considered all aspects such as how you would lift the piece, the warmth of the wood grain, the sitting height, the eyeline of a plant pot etc. I also wanted the clean trapesoid lines to make a visually pleasing addition in any room. The Floe looks just as good in the bathroom as it does in the hallway or living room. The sound is also important to me – the satisfying clunk of a well-fitted, high-quality lid. A bit like a Volkswagen car door. Even the ‘tulip’ shaped knob is hand turned to pleasingly fit the thumb and forefinger. To make this a truly multifunctional piece, and usable as an occasional seat, I created the ‘Tatami’ mat. Obviously, we don’t want scratches and a little comfort is always welcome. The mat is made from recycled wadding and UK woven and undyed wool. Of course, it rolls up and neatly fits in the base compartment!

While the Floe’s design appears effortless, its structure and carpentry involve thoughtful complexity (that I’ll not go into)! This balance between design, function and form elevates the Floe from a mere object to something that marries tradition with modern living and offers quality for many, many years to come.

That’s all from me and as usual, please get in touch with any questions….