Wool fabric, ottomans, footstools, cushions, lampshades.

Elevate Your Style and Comfort: Unleashing the Enduring Power of Wool Fabric in interiors

As you might guess, I am very keen to use local fabrics, dyed and woven within the northwest. This is not so easy to find these days but it’s really important to me when trying to hand-make things locally with high-quality materials. In the creation of our furniture and lampshades, linens play a significant role, yet my admiration extends to another remarkable material – wool. As an upholsterer who has worked with a myriad of fabrics, wool stands out as one of my absolute favourites.

Is wool a good upholstery material?

Absolutely it is! Its qualities are plentiful and it is a real powerhouse product. Natural, sustainable, long-lasting, and inherently fire retardant. I also find that it behaves itself! No fraying, slipping, or creasing! It’s very resilient and due to the way the fibres coil, it springs back to shape without leaving creases that prematurely age the look of your furniture. It’s not just about functionality; wool adds a touch of luxury. In winter, it offers a soft and warming feel, while in summer, it keeps things refreshingly cool.

I take pride in sourcing my wool fabric from the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire, home to two of the UK’s oldest mills. The fleece itself hails from Australia and New Zealand, undergoing meticulous processing, dyeing, and weaving right here. Whilst the air miles are high, I appreciate the dedication of many sheep farmers now adopting Holistic Planned Grazing. This not only ensures higher animal welfare but also provides ample space for grazing and allows the land to recover and thrive naturally. So, while the journey of the fleece from Australia and New Zealand is considerable, it’s heartening to know that sustainable practices are becoming integral to the wool industry.

How Twisted Loom Harnesses the Power of Wool

Our ottomans are meticulously crafted using a selection of woven patterned wools and deeply vibrant plain Meltons. The fusion of these rich and diverse colours makes them fit for both classic and contemporary interiors. The exterior doesn’t just look fabulously woolly; I go the extra mile by incorporating recycled wool as wadding for the interior of the furniture. As I’m upholstering, I might catch a glimpse of a previously enjoyed jumper, making me ponder on the stories it carries and the journeys it has seen. It’s not just furniture; it’s a story of history and craftsmanship.

I recently made the exciting decision to expand the furniture collection by introducing a range of complementary products. Now, alongside our stunning ottomans, you’ll find hand-turned lamps, lampshades, luxurious cushions, and even stylish bathroom bins. And, of course, many of these new additions proudly feature the timeless elegance of wool.

Hand-making wool lampshades is no small feat, but the visual and textural benefits they bring far surpass the challenges of making them. These shades infuse a delightful warm Japandi aesthetic into any space, especially when paired with a naturally inspired lamp base.

Our geometric cushions have quickly become a crowd favourite, and it’s not just because of their aesthetic appeal. Don’t overlook the handmade wool inserts sourced right here in the UK, courtesy of Dorset sheep fleece! Even die-hard Northerners (forgive the pun!) occasionally venture south in pursuit of the optimal fleece quality.

In essence, this curated collection of complementary products extends beyond mere additions – it’s a celebration of craftsmanship, quality, and the enduring allure of wool in every detail. Let me know how wool elevates your home…