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What’s So Wrong with Orange? Unleashing the Power of Bold Choices in Colour

Someone once said to me “Never try to sell anything orange or green on eBay”. The Suggestion is that they are the most unpopular colours in the world. Maybe that’s true of ‘EasyJet’ orange or ‘recycling bin’ green!

I found this a really funny observation and it’s popped into my head many times since. I’d love to know the eBay stats on orange and green items versus all other colours. 

I’m actually a big fan of orange; terracotta, burnt orange, tangerine etc. Even Hi-Vis orange has a distinct identity and energy that could look pretty cool in particular surroundings. 

I upholstered my very first hand-made footstool in an eye-popping bright orange wool called Tangerine, which I chose mostly because I liked the colour! 

I love working with wool and this one was from my local supplier Abbotsford, which has a milling history dating back a whopping 300 years. Their wools have a superb texture and saturation of colour and are extremely hard-wearing and long lasting. Wool almost has too many benefits to mention! It’s naturally fire retardant so no need for toxic chemical treatments, it’s 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

It’s not just the bright oranges I like, how about these rusty-coloured cushions that are part of a new Twisted Loom collection? Once again I’ve returned to my favourite Abbotsford wool and I hope you’ll agree that the shades of grey go very well, giving it a slightly Japandi/Midcentury feel.

The wow factor apartment

It’s not just me that is a fan of orange. I’ve recently had a few orders for orange ottomans. The ottoman in the photo below is a real favourite. The customer chose a Melton Spice wool – doesn’t it look amazing in this London apartment? I wish more people would be as bright and bold as this.

The apartment looks so inviting and bright and all the elements such as the painting, rug, teak table, wicker basket etc fit perfectly around the bright orange ottoman. I think they’ve really nailed the versatility of orange and anchored it beautifully within a period room and contemporary design. 

Still not convinced that orange is a great colour?

How about these Earnest Race BA Chairs that I upholstered for a customer in a burnt orange velvet? These chairs sit beautifully in a bright, pale cream dining room but I could equally see them popping out against a deep inky blue interior. Perfectly versatile for a subtle or dramatic look.

What colour goes with orange interiors?

So many colours go with orange as you can see from the apartment above. Navy and greens work, as does inky black and other darker warm colours such as deep browns. On the lighter side, creams and pale corals look bright and contemporary. These less in-your-face shades of orange can even give a whiff of luxury and royalty, I’m thinking of Dutch Orange, in Old Masters as well as Farrow and Ball paints! For the non-regal look, why not think about matching brighter oranges with more vibrant yellows and purples?

Maybe I’ll tackle the unfashionable green next time! In the meantime, feel free to send me pics of your orange and green finds….

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